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The UNCL is a club of enthusiasts and sailors open to all those who are concerned by the practice and development of the regatta and the offshore race. The Union Nationale pour la Course au Large was born in 1971 from the merger of the U.N.C., created in 1913 and the G.C.L., created in 1960. Club affiliated to the French Sailing Federation, the UNCL has more than 250 members and its good functioning relies on a large number of volunteers who ensure its organization and direction. With the RORC, the UNCL created the CHS (Channel Handicap System), now the IRC (International Rating Certificate).

The UNCL ensures the development of an annual IRC UNCL Mediterranean and Channel-Atlantic Championship by relying on the regattas organized by the major Coastal Clubs and the co-management of the IRC rating. Its registered office is located at 41 Avenue Foch 75016 Paris.

Chair: Anne de Bagneaux-Savatier Vice-Presidents: Jean-Philippe Cau, Yves Ginoux President Association de Propriétaires de bateaux jaugés IRC, PropIRC: Philippe Serenon


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