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Shipping racing yachts with the pro's

Sevenstar Racing Yacht Logistics

With over 15 years of full-time professional racing experience, Sander Speet understands the need for spotless logistics in campaigning a yacht racing team like no other. He sailed in the Fastnet Race multiple times, won the Maxi World three times, and was seen all over the professional racing circuit globally in positions as trimmer or helmsman offshore.

When Sander joined Sevenstar in December of 2021 to manage the Sevenstar Racing Logistics department, he had already been dealing with loading and unloading race yachts from transport cargo vessels multiple times. “From that experience I knew that Sevenstar Yacht Transport has the best load masters to handle delicate freight, the best engineers to prepare lift & stowage plans, an excellent network of local agents and is a reliable logistics partner with direct access to a large fleet of company-run vessels.”

Complete logistics packages “Not only do racing yachts need to arrive well in time in order to prepare for events, a racing yacht is also one of the most fragile types of yachts to ship”, says Sander. “This asks for careful preparation and cooperation between the racing team and a logistics partner like Sevenstar. It is not just the yacht that needs shipping but also cradles with splashes, spare parts, containers, tools, workbenches, separate masts, and so on. All items need to arrive in time with the yacht, calling for local paperwork experts to guide the team’s gear through custom’s formalities.”

“the best load masters, engineers and company-run vessels”

Planning ahead “Planning ahead of time is the key to the game”, continues Sander, “enabling the teams to fully concentrate on what they need to focus on on the day of racing. In-depth knowledge of the racing circuit and timing between races allows us to anticipate and to plan ahead together with our clients, keeping logistics stress to a minimum.”

Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup 2022 “An example of forward thinking is the Mini Maxi circuit. We are shipping several racing teams after Newport Race Week to participate in time for the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup 2022 in Sardinia, where the Maxis will meet again on the water from 5 September.”

Innovations and custom solutions “The racing industry thrives on innovations in materials, hull construction, keels, foils and masts. Our in-house engineering team likes to keep ahead of the game by devising custom shipping solutions, when required.

Love for yachting “When I joined Sevenstar at the end of 2021, I knew I was going to work in a professional organisation. However, the overall level of understanding of all varieties of yachts, the eagerness to learn and develop and above all, the shared love for the sea that I witness in my colleagues, goes far beyond my expectations. It’s great to see that we are very much part of the sailing community, and I am happy that, as Sevenstar, we sponsor several RORC races. So, if yacht racing is for you ... I hope to see you out there on the water!”


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