Luna Rossa

Sevenstar transports Prada Luna Rossa racing yacht and equipment for America’s Cup

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the America’s Cup races are still on the schedule for spring next year. As such the teams have been training intensively over the last six months and now that the European summer is over, they are looking to relocate their bases to Auckland.

“If I learnt one thing from my own Volvo Ocean Race and America’s Cup campaigns, it is that time is the most valued asset”, says Wouter Verbraak, head of Sevenstar Racing Yacht Logistics, “so when the Italian Challenger of Record for the America’s Cup came to us with the request to ship their yacht, ribs and spares, we immediately knew that providing timely shipping was key.”

Within Sevenstar Yacht Transport, one of our core values is always improving so we are at the top of our game. A big part in this has been to further improve the co-operation within the Spliethoff Group with the goal to continue our track record of most reliable yacht transporter.

For this transport we worked closely together with our heavy lift sister company BigLift, nominating the MV Happy Buccaneer vessel early and making sure the vessel was ready in Cagliari ahead of the requested loading date.

The other part of our focus is on our track record as the safest yacht transporter. This is where the thorough homework of our in house engineers and close interaction with the client is key. With high level clients like the Luna Rossa America’s Cup team, we know that they have extensive experience in lifting their delicate racing yacht, support boats and spares. So rather than pushing our solution onto the team, we work with them to find a safe and tested liftplan.

The result: all the team’s cargo was loaded safely under deck and the vessel is currently on its way to New Zealand, arriving next month.


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