It's all in the quality


A yacht is an emotional and ambitious purchase which offers ample possibilities for adventure, day trips, and endless fun. However, the semantics of delivery are important, and Sevenstar Yacht Transport always offer reliable end-to-end service for their clients. “We have access to 120 vessels” explains Max Stepanov of Sevenstar Yacht Transport. This number is important, as it means that Sevenstar do not rely on charter to ship their clients’ yachts. Instead, they have fantastic direct access and a support team which are trained and versed in the art of loading, shipping, and operations of transporting yachts all around the world.

This premium service is delivered in-house. As Max explains, Sevenstar’s operations engineering, and loadmasters are all completed in-house without any third-party involvement. This means Sevenstar can offer specific technical solutions for specific boats, a fantastic drawcard for customers who require a niche transport process.

“Our cradles and cradle system are certified by the Lloyd’s Register as compliant with rules and regulations for use in Marine Environment” says Stepanov. The Lloyd’s Register assesses quality construction and operation of critical infrastructure. “We put so much time and energy into our engineering side,” he continues, “which makes us different to other brands.”

Quality of service is paramount to Sevenstar, and they have been awarded accordingly. Their personability, trustworthiness and safety means they have had host of valued customers since 1985.

“We calculate accelerations for each voyage and design a cradle system for each yacht in such a way that she will experience a minimum stress in the hull during transportation” finishes Stepanov. This remains the reason as to why Sevenstar Yacht Transport has been so successful for over 30 years and have remained consistently active in the yacht distribution industry.

It is their quality of service, their ability to tailor this service to individual client needs, their excessive attention to detail, and their commitment to consistently put more energy into their engineering, their operations and loadmaster services.

Yachts are an emotional, aspirational purchase, and the safe delivery of your purchase is paramount. Sevenstar Yacht Transport is the industry leader for quality, controlled and premium yacht distribution around the globe.

Credits: Catherine McMaster for Sunseeker Magazine


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