Corona information Team

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting all of us and brings a lot of uncertainty. For you but also for our partners, colleagues and crew onboard our vessels. We want you to know that we are here to answer all your questions and to assist you with your upcoming (travel) plans.

Our whole team is continuously monitoring all developments and implemented rules and regulations in ports worldwide. Developments change by the minute and that’s why we prefer to answer your questions personally. Our team is standby every day.

To transport your yacht we have to and will guarantee:

  • The safety of our clients and them being able to travel and / or have their yachts loaded via others locally;
  • The safety of our colleagues and being able to travel to and from the ports;
  • The safety of the yachts to be loaded and discharged by the right crew and/or loadmaster / surveyor.

The last two points are covered by us because our own loadmasters and vessels with well-trained officers and crew are stationed all over the world. With your cooperation we can continue to run our sailings and deliver your yacht in a safe way.


To keep both our crew and clients safe, we have put in place a protocol with precautionary measures for loading and discharging operations. Download Sevenstar's Covid-19 Protocol.

To help you is our highest priority.

Please contact us:


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