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New all-inclusive flexible yacht transport package for World Sailors!

Sep 21

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All-inclusive Flexible Yacht Transport for World Sailors

Are you looking to transport your yacht to a new destination before the start of a the cruising season? Or shipping your yacht home after a long sailing voyage? Sevenstar offers well-timed yacht transport solutions optimized for world sailors.


1. Guaranteed seasonal mast-up sailings

Ship your yacht with standing rigging safely on sailings that you can count on.

2. All-inclusive rates, no hidden costs
Be assured that all shipping-related costs are included: Pantaenius insures your yacht for transport and customs paperwork at both ends is taken care of.

3. Flexible planning (roll-over option) and choice of destination
Decide to stay longer? Unforeseen changes? Let us know in time and we will ship your yacht another month, or even the next year against the same agreed rate.

A great number of sailors preceded you
Many world cruisers have shipped their yacht with Sevenstar for at least 5 years (and some routes for 15 years). A worldwide reliable network is in place for bookings, logistics and operations. Sevenstar loadmasters prepare and supervise loading, stowage and discharge with Sevenstar-owned lifting equipment and cradles. Expect to find helpful local Sevenstar teams who understand we are shipping your cruising home.

Sailings for World Sailors

10 Reasons to choose the All-in Flex Package for World Sailors

  1. Guaranteed, well-timed, seasonal sailings
  2. Mast-up transport
  3. All-inclusive pricing, no hidden costs
  4. Flexible planning at fixed rate (Roll-over option)
  5. Pantaenius transport insurance included  
  6. Customs clearance taken care of - hassle free
  7. Local Sevenstar teams to assist you personally
  8. Easy and convenient booking through worldwide offices
  9. From and to world cruising hubs at the right seasons
  10. Over 15 years of experience


Local Sevenstar information and booking offices

Douglas Rapier   +596 696 45 89 75

Thailand & Malaysia                         
Marieke Derks  +31 6 3150 4309

Chris Jongerius
  +66 86-045-4634

New Zealand                                     
Alisha Drew  +64 93023753

Singapore & Indonesia         
Jean-Jacques Lavigne  +65 974 61202

Uta Scarlata   +1 5616227997

Southampton, UK
Andrew Pickering   +44 777 5000 878

Genoa, Italy & Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Valerio del Becaro  +377 97707535

The Netherlands, Sevenstar Head Office
+31 4044 88590


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