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Racing yacht Logistics

Racing teams, whether yachts or powerboats, all have the same requirement; a dedicated party looking after their logistical requirements. Sevenstar Racing Yacht Logistics understands the importance of proper planning for the movement of support equipment from event to event and giving realistic transit times and accurate pricing for your budgets. Sevenstar Racing Yacht Logistics is proud to be part of your team to help you concentrate on winning whilst we get the job done as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Sevenstar Racing Yacht Logistics
 is prepared to create a tailor-made transport experience to meet specific needs for your upcoming race season, wherever it may be, Sevenstar is happy to help.


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All went well. The Sevenstar people were very professional. It is not that I had any real doubts, but it is always nice to learn that what I hoped would occur – actually did.Seeing our vessel on wood blocks with heavy nylon lashing to the deck is just great.  By all means, you are welcome to show these photos to any potential clients who may be interested.

Obviously, I am very glad that the contractual and USA Customs matters were resolved. I appreciate your positive approach.
Best regards, Lee owner of  the R/V Gulf Surveyor

For any company involved in the superyacht sector the secret to success is service and Pro-Sail is no different. In using Sevenstar we have found a logistics provider that offers the same high level of service. We call them and they deal with it – all of it! What more can any company ask of their shipping company.
Tim Watson, Director PRO-SAIL LIMITED Global Yacht Solutions

Sarah at Sevenstar has been a huge help with a variety of complex shipping arrangements over the years and is my goto preference for any shipping that we do.
Richard Chadburn, captain Southern Wind 102 Farfalla

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